Weeks of May 18 and May 25

Hardware installed on all room and closet doors.

Styrofoam put in crawlspace.

Address put on outside of house.

Exterior inspections completed Some electrical adjustments made inside.

Deck started. Can’t wait to enjoy the warm weather outside on the deck……….

June 1 - Deck #2      June 1 - Deck #3

June 1 - Deck #1


Last 3 weeks….week of April 27, May 4 and May 11

Front yard

I know, I know, you thought this blog was coming to an end, but still the adventure continues!

Some adjustments made to the middle child’s room, a wall moved. Painting touch ups done.

The house is keeping us busy.  Lots going on both in the house and outside. Here’s a summary of what has been going on.

Blinds are now installed!  Yeah, some privacy! Microwave in. Gas to stove hooked up.  Fences started on both sides of property.

Backyard #2     side house

On Saturday, load of sand delivered. It was spread all over the front and backyard.  Kept us busy.  The boys all worked really hard shoveling and hauling loads in the wheelbarrow.

Load of gravel arrived as well. Put around house to help with drainage. Next will come soil and grass………


Week of April 20

So, it has been a busy week. We moved in on Saturday.  Just wanted to say thanks to all our family and friends that came over and gave a hand, it is SO APPRECIATED, couldn’t have done it without you, and the use of your strength, trucks and trailers!

It is great to be in, and there is lots to do.  Microwave isn’t in, gas not hooked up to the stove, no blinds, etc…….and lots of BOXES to unpack.  Everyday we will get one step closer though.  We have no internet, phone, tv until Thursday, so my poor kids!! Actually, I think it is good for them!

So, what happened in the house this week?  Sorry, I have no pics, will try to add later. Electrical and plumbing inspection completed, final inspection will be next week.

Driveway still not done…..originally the inspection showed a bend in a pipe. So, the company who did the work was to come out, dig and replace the pipe.  Inspectors returned before this was done, and said since he was there, he might as well have a look.  He put down the camera, and said everything was fine!!?? Apparently, the cameras aren’t that accurate!

carpet on stairs

Carpet was installed on the stairs, except for the landing in the middle of the stairs which is hardwood.

Cabinet over fan in kitchen done.  Cupboards on middle child’s book shelf installed.

pot filler

Stove top and pot filler installed. Tiling and grouting done in kitchen and laundry room.


Week of April 13

April 13 - door

Glass installed on both sides of the front door.

April 13 - island     April 13 - Stairs

The electrician was back, finishing off lighting, alarm, video surveillance and doorbell.  These pictures are of the lights above island in kitchen, and the chandelier above the stairs.

Grouting was done on both the powder room and mud room tile floors.  Transition pieces between flooring in room was installed. Decking has been started.

We will be moving in sometime this month! Excited and hoping everything will come together…..or might be sleeping in the van!


Week of April 6

April 11 - outside house  April 11 - sides & back of house #2

Painting on the outside of the house touched up and completed. Painting touch-ups started in the house.

April 8 Dining Room   April 11 - powder room light

Electrician has installed most of the light fixtures inside and out and speakers. Here are pictures of the lights in the dining room and the powder room.

April 11 - Mud room #2   April 11 - Mud room #3

Tile laid in laundry room and doors put on cupboards.

April 11 - kitchen #1   April 11 - kitchen #2

Kitchen cabinet doors, double oven and stove fan installed.

April 11 - Fireplace with shelves   April 11 - Entertainment centre

Doors installed on entertainment center  by fireplace and in playroom.


Week of March 31

April 4 - door mouldings #2 April 4 - door mouldings #3

Baseboards and doors installed. Floors are pretty much finished, except for some transitions.

April 4 - kithen tile #2

Tiling done in kitchen, grouting still needs to be done.

Cupboard above cook-top done.  Its been a little fussy because of our fan, the cupboard had to be adjusted so that there was enough clearance between the fan and the cook-top.

Dishwasher installed.

Sub floor in laundry room. Soon to be tiled.


Week of March 23

March 29 fireplace #2     March 29 fireplace #3

The fireplace is now finished, with mantel. Cabinets and shelving are partially installed. You can also see the flooring down…..just a little dusty!!

march 29 - boys bathroom      march 29 - master bath #2

Sinks, toilets and fixtures installed. Here is a picture of the boys shared bathroom and the master bath.

.march 29 - laundry room

Here is a picture of the mudroom/office/laundry room. Sink, fixtures, and counter tops are all in.

march 29 bookshelf #2

Here is a picture of the shelving and flooring put in the room belonging to the Maple Leafs fan.

march 29 ent room #1

Flooring continued. Here is a picture of the flooring in the Entertainment room.

Tiling started in the kitchen. Gutters and down spouts now on the house. Good thing! Have you seen the rain??!!